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Laser engraving is great and fast way to achieve beautiful customisatio of almost any object.

With our medium power laser engraver, we can etch a variety of materials from paper, cardboard, wood, plastic. Opaque and dark materials work better. Light and transluscent materials need to be coated first and engraved several times, which makes it more expensive.

What we offer

  • Custom designs for your object

  • Optimise your design for engraving

  • Custom dice

  • Game tokens and markers

  • Cardboard cutouts

  • Phone covers

  • etc.


  • 30.- CHF / hour 

  •   2.- CHF / cm2


Work time heavily depends on needed preparation as for design and optimisation of files. Setup and process time on the other hand, is relatively fast.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we'll find a feasible solution.

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