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Playtime: 30-60min

Players: 2+ (2 games = 4 players)

Age: 14+

Release date:  2020


In Scydonia, an intercontinental city war is raging, carried out by relic driven giant catapults as well as sabotage, magic and other trickery.

Your goal as a city leader, is to destroy your opponents 4 guild towers that contain the knowledge about their crafts and perhaps insight about Scydonias fate and why the world is coming to an end...


Stack your defensive cards in front of your towers to deflect your enemie's attacks.  Play your attacks effectively to overcome/wear down your opponents defenses and destroy his towers


Destroy all enemy towers


Place your 4 tower cards side by side in any order.

Shuffle all wall stone and supports cards together.

Shuffle your attack cards thoroughly.


Place all your defense cards, one after another, as wall sections in front of your towers. You can build up to 3 stacks in front of each tower, which makes a total of 12 wall sections.Each card can be put on top or at the bottom of each stack.You can put cards below a tower but not on top.If you lose a tower you may shuffle and restack all wall segments in front of the destroyed tower. Defense cards that already held a damage token are not shuffled and are placed on top of a wall segment each, including their damage tokens.


Draw 4 attack cards. Decide in which order and where you want to use your attacks. Each attack must target one of the wall sections closest to you. Per round you may sacrifice 1 attack card to boost another.

If your attack cards draw stack is depleted, shuffle them back into a new pile.


If the damage value of an attack card is equal to the remaining structural value of the targeted defense card, the defense card is destroyed and taken out of the game.

If the damage value is lower, put damage tokens equal to the damage value onto the defense card.

If the damage value is higher, the surplus damage is dealt to the next wall section (according to the deflection arrow on the destroyed defense card).

Surplus damage can also travel to neighboring players.

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