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Playtime: 15-45min

Players: 2

Age: 14+

Release date:  unknown


Fire and water battle each other to conquer equilibrium and shift the power in their favor.


A dexterity and physics game.

Flick your elementals towards the opponents KOR altars.

Try to push the KOR from the altar and capture the it if your elemental is fully inside the altar circle.

Use the captured KOR to conquer the equilibrium. 


Outnumber your opponent in each of the equilibrium circles.


Place your 5 KOR inside your altar circles according to their number

The owner of the game divides his 5 elementals into their hands (hidden from the opponent) The opponent tries to guess which hand holds more elementals. If the guess is right, they go first.


Place one of your elementals adjacent to any of your altar circles and flick it with a finger. Repeat until you have used all elementals and potentially gained KOR.

If you manage to push a KOR from its altar (and it is not touching any other altar) and land your elemental fully inside the altar, you gain possession of that KOR and can directly use it to conquer the equilibrium or try to move other elementals or KOR around.

  • Elementals cannot conquer the equilibirum

  • KOR cannot occupy the opponents altars


Elementals that are fully inside of an opponents empty altar stay where they are. All other elementals are returned to their owner.

Conquered KOR that are fully inside one of the equilibriums stay there.

All other conquered KOR are returned to their owner.


Conquered KOR inside the equilibrium cannot be attacked directly.

If you accidentally push out one of your elementals that was occupying an altar, you instantly lose possession of that altars conquered KOR.

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